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First heard it in a club in Istanbul and thanks to Shazam, here it is.

Coming in with a funky, uplifting bass line, the secrets to the title track ‘HigH’ are its searing vocals and the Rhodes-like chord stabs. The song breaks into an unforgettable bridge created by a seemingly never-ending vocal stretch followed by an explosive drop sure to revive any dance floor. ‘I Believe’ is a spoken word opus featuring a steady, jazzy bass line and the hair-raising convictions of South African vocalist The Lazarusman. The final song ‘Love & Peace’ delivers as advertised. Opening with steady, bongo driven, percussion, the showering piano melody and chimes interweave with the gentle male vocal pieces to create an atmosphere of bliss reminiscent of the early house records of the 80s and 90s.


I believe in you

I believe in you like how we were told that the alphabets began with A
I believe in you like how numerics start with 1
How we’re all told the same stories
I believe in you like those who believe in gods and deities
I worship the ground  you walk on
I believe that your kisses are fountains of truth
I believe that your eyes are crystals that ferment my skin
I believe that your breath, your every step’s something that I could never
ever ever ever, ever ever ever deny as truth to existence of a god.
I believe in you like salt shakers and music
I..I..I..I Believe In You
I think there’s something about you that I can’t exactly pin-point but…
I..I point fingers at you.

I believe in you like how we were told that alphabets began with A

Numerics with 1
And how Infinite comes in the figure of 8
I..I..I Believe you and
Your steps and your walks are something that I could never ever
ever ever ever deny
Because I personally(?)
Let the magic of gods and daemons 
And The Universe alike 
And how you condense me like the Milky Way
I believe in you 
I hope you believe
That you believe in me too
‘Cause I believe in you.
I believe in you
You’re something that I could  never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever

ever deny.

Lyrics by Murat Karatas and Fethi Karatas

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