I’m holding onto weakness
95%Only as a ploy
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Fresh from the oven! Steady Holiday comes with a very soothing sound. I am the first one to watch this video on Youtube and yes I am proud of myself for that. 🙂

Steady Holiday is Dre Babinski, and she is a wonderful hidden gem of a singer-songwriter. Her Open Water opens like a lullaby, bathed in midnight hue and lit up with slow twinkle of her unhurried instrumentation.

You can also buy it right here.


it’s not like I said it’s okay, but I’ve been a little fake
I’m holding myself like a brick upon a still lake
but I’m pretty round, and I wouldn’t drown
I didn’t know I could breathe when I am faced down

it’s not like I said it’s okay, but I like to stay away
cause sight out of mind is fine, I don’t like to make waves
in the shallow end, I never learned to swim
I’ll get the courage one day when I am faced down in open water

it’s not like I said it’s okay
it’s not like it’s just a game
it wouldn’t ruin the day to find that

I’m faced-down in open water never long enough
so hold me down in open water, it gives me such a rush
I’m holding onto weakness only as a ploy
cause nothing’s ever gonna change the way I feel when I destroy

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