Ready and willing to flex
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WOW! It’s a familiar story of Perth’s fecund music community, a scene so fertile it can generate new music before there’s officially a band to play it. The result tends to be music that gains character from its inbreeding, that is, traceable to outside influences but made for a clique, off-axis but of its own universe. A peculiar kind of personality.

-The Guardian

[Verse 1]
I turn around and get told I should tone it down
By the owner who’s hoping now
That I’m closing my open mouth
But I’m holding the dopest sound
To get hold of the whole amount
Of the show and the older crowd –
Yo, behold that we sold ’em out
Most of vocal bounds will get broken
And poking out at the bone
But they’re going out on their own anyhow so
Vibe with the motion
Ride with the chosen one
Surviving a potency test
Unless he overdosing on a piracy golden-y chest
Jenny’s a guest. Nevertheless, let me get dressed
Many potentially getting a second to reckon I’m one of the best
Sexually blessed. Forgetting respect, entering bets with war vets
Ready and willing to flex
Settle the check and I’m getting my Corvette

[Beat Shift]

[Verse 2]
Check, fee-fi-fo-fum
Who wanna bust with the chosen one?
Rolling a blunt with a broken lung
Holding a tongue till the show begun
With two thumbs
Tu- turning them up coz your boy, he ain’t got no style with it. Who got the regular flow?
Turning the potency temperature high with it
So fly with it
Ni- ninety percent of the time each night
Finding a way to supply my desire
Getting up late to go fly my kite
It’s Ginie, right?
Nah, nah, nah, no, no wait, I forgot – it’s Gina!
Usually only rhyme in a time and a place and a sequence of threes
– uh, what’s that?
Rap rapidly, distract and detach
Actual facts mean jack. Canopy retract and relax
Who down with Malawi golden ounces in the bag?
Got your new sound and Jumanji blowing outwards in the dash
It’s that Africa. Tragic that we will get branded with all of these tags and uh
Cannibalism is bad
Gaggle of geese end up deep in a pan
And that’s all grand, and that’s all sweet
Raise your hands before we speak
Give me the delicacies
Get in your head like a telekinesis

Yeah yeah
Speak up, speak up, speak up, speak up
Yeah yeah, ah
Speak up, speak up, speak up, speak up
It’s Koi Child, black panda

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