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Fatima Yamaha, the girl between two worlds. Turkish mother and a Japanese father. Recording artist for Magnetron Music. Fatima Yamaha is Bas Bron’s stage name.

Bas Bron is a musical artist and a genius of mostly electronic music from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Get ready to immerse yourselves in some seriously sexy track.

For years, Bas Bron aka Fatima Yamaha flew under the music community’s radar. His first EP, ‘What’s A Girl To Do’, was released by Irish label D1 Recordings in 2004 and remained unheard by most, at least initially. But following Dekmantel’s recent reissue, combined with long-time support from Glaswegian DJs Jackmaster and Hudson Mohawke (the latter sampling Yamaha on ‘Resistance’ from his 2015 album ‘Lantern’), Bron found his way into the clubs, homes and hearts of those enraptured by the Dutchman’s mesmerising, celestial style.

Fast-forward to November 2015, when news broke that Bron would be releasing the first Fatima Yamaha LP ‘Imaginary Lines’ via his own Magnetron Music. The question is: has the producer created an album that enchants its listeners in the same way as his previous work, now over a decade old?

The answer, thankfully, is yes. Like its predecessor, ‘Imaginary Lines’ emits the feeling of being a timeless classic. Bron has retained his distinctive sound, resulting in a record that boasts an impressively textured palette, meandering through Techno, Funk and Electronica all in one beautiful soundscape.

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