Let the king take his seat.
97%I won't be sorry
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Unfinished, unreleased pieces brought together by a fan.. Originally used in a commercial, the track was never meant to be a full song. But it’s so good that this tune had to be harvested by someone. Many have tried and as the creator calls it: ‘this is the best version’.

I see
I just won’t leave it
I just don’t believe in it
I just won’t take it
I just won’t agree with it
I just don’t see it
I just won’t
Regret nothing

I won’t be forgetting
And I won’t be asking
But I won’t be forgiven
And I won’t be taking it
And I won’t be giving it
And I won’t be…

I like the night
Oh nights like tonight

I bet you don’t mind somebody locked like a key
Emotions trickin’ you into decisions
All I want is forever
Oh we’ve got ya now
Yes, the night

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