Peaceful, hypnotic, entrancing, beautiful. Highly recommend this for everyday listening, such great reminiscent tones.brasstronaut bounce

A steady hand can hardly stand
to waiver from its course, so slightly
I do believe in symmetry, but it’s hard to see
when we’re living so awkwardly
Our love grew slow like coral reefs
beneath the mellow waves of a warming ocean
And left behind the static lines of home
to design a new horizon

If I’m impolite, it’s not a trend
but just a way to bend these new anxieties.
The privilege of compromise
has risen to the cause of possibility
An iceberg slowly melting in the gulf-stream
sends a letter to its lover
I’ll soon return a hurricane
and blow away your doubtful reservations.

Wayoway I’m a little bit slow
when the mind falls out
theres nothing left but the echo

brasstronaut bounce

Brasstronaut - Bounce
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