This track differs from the majority of songs that are made today. It ain’t repetitive. It reminds of me Bohemian Rhapsody in that regard.

When this album came out 2 years ago, many Strokes fans -including me- thought it wasn’t as good as the best work of Julian. But I had an idea at the back of my head that said maybe these guys were a bit ahead of their time and I needed some time to digest the freshness of their sound. Now I think that time might be upon us. I guess in Julian, we trust!


Like harmonies, locks in keys,
Lightning in every drop.

We’re tricked again, lost at sea,
When we find land, can I climb your tree?
I know it’s hard to see

I wanna believe what you’re saying
But I’m seeing the games that you’re playing
I know-know-know-know-know-know-know
What I’m gonna d-d-d-d-d-do

In the wrong place, at the wrong time
They’re attracting all the wrong people to the wrong line

I do not wanna see the whole mess,
I wish I could live in retrospect

5 steps, remember them well,
As you’re coming down,
Down the well,
And you drop 500 tons of hell

You are everything I see – every time I blink – despair.

Who’s asleep at the wheel? They fight for every meal, who likes that bad idea?


What I feel, Qualia,
What I am, Qualia.

Wait, wait,
No, I don’t want it
No, I don’t want it

You are everything I see – every time I blink – despair.

Lock the doors and hide the keys,
And wake the doctor, call a priest,
Born out of electricity, I wait for you in the second life.
Who’s asleep at the wheel? Who likes that bad idea? Who wants a happy meal? oooh

…You are everything I see – every time I blink – despair,
I will take what I can grab, but I, I don’t want your money bags

What else can I say,
What else can I say,
What else can I say tonite?–

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You are everything
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